State Survey/Determination of Eligibility Forms

Preservation Company typically begins projects by looking at "the big picture" --- getting an understanding of an area or a resource and its relationship to other resources or neighborhoods.  What follows is a process of "winnowing" to understand the most important resources or areas of significance.

These forms, whether a project area form, historic district form, or individual form, are often prepared for environmental planning purposes in advance of publicly-funded, licensed, or permitted projects that could impact historical resources. They provide a solid foundation of historical and architectural information derived from on-site survey, primary documentary research (such as historic maps and atlases, city directories, and deeds), and secondary documents including town histories. In addition they make recommendations for further survey work and, in some cases, make recommendations on the eligibility for the National Register of the historical resources either individually or as part of a historic district.Preservation Company has extensive experience preparing a range of these documents from intensive-level and reconnaissance-level surveys to individual survey forms.