Individual Resource Forms

These forms are prepared for a variety of reasons, including as an initial step in listing a historic resource on the State or National Registers of Historic Places, as part of a historic resources survey or planning project, or for review and compliance purposes. Preservation Company has done thousands of such forms for public and private clients. The following are illustrative examples of these forms.

Interstate/Sarah Mildred Long Bridge, Portsmouth, NH/Kittery, MESarah_Long_Bridge.jpg

The Interstate Bridge was found to have national-level significance under National Register Criteria A and C. It was a prominent project paid for by Depression-era programs and an important link in the developing federal highway system. The Interstate Bridge also is significant: as an early example of the second generation of vertical lift bridges; as a bridge that provided highway and rail crossings at two different levels; as the product of the preeminent designers of vertical lift bridges in the country, and for its sophisticated design that transformed the logic of the vertical towers of this bridge type into an artistic expression  of the 1930s.

Association Canado-Americaine, Manchester, NH

The 1930 transformation of this key Manchester building by a French Canadian architect and French Canadian artisans marked a  turning point for the French Canadian community in Manchester. The costly classical building was an expression of the success of both the organization and of the French Canadian community in the state. 

Winter Street Cemetery, Exeter

A Determination of Eligibility for the National Register and State Register was prepared for the Winter Street Cemetery in Exeter, the town's fourth public burying ground but the oldest one that survives intact.  The cemetery was the primary burying ground for the town of Exeter from ca. 1743 to ca. 1850 though burials continued late into the century and contains over 200 extant burial markers.

Description of Winter Street Cemetery, Exeter.