State and National Register Forms

After a property has been determined eligible for the National Register, some owners of historic resources want a higher level of recognition for their property. In such cases  National Register of Historic Places inventory forms are prepared or state inventory listing is pursued. 

The National Register of Historic Places, administered by the National Park Service, is the country’s official list of historic places worthy of preservation. It holds information on more than 1.4 million buildings, sites, districts, structures, and objects. Resources are documented and listed on the National Register on an individual basis or as part of a district or multiple property grouping.

The New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places, administered by the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources (NHDHR), is another way to acknowledge the historical significance of a property. Historic resources listed on the register can be buildings, districts, sites, landscapes, structures, or objects. A property can be nominated by submission of an inventory form to the NHDHR. If the property meets the State Register criteria, the NHDHR recommends it for listing to the State Historical Resources Council, which gives the final approval for the nomination.