Other Products

Preservation Company has worked on many non-traditional projects that call for unusual products or services and required “outside the box” solutions to new problems. We have conducted visual studies of neighborhoods to understand their underlying design elements,  proposed and implemented novel mitigation packages, and created websites to make the history of a city a vibrant element of the community, to name a few.

Increasingly SHPOs and federal officials are turning to creative types of mitigation as a supplement to, or rather than, HABS/HAER documentation when there is a loss or significant alteration in a building or structure. Preservation Company has worked on a range of types of alternative mitigation including exhibits, monographs, visual projects, signage, and websites. These creative mitigation measures are often aimed at sharing the history of the lost resource with a wider public audience through more readily accessible venues. Click on types of products to the left to see examples.


We are particularly fond of the Walking Tour Booklet of our "home town" of Kensington, NH: Walking_Tour.pdf