Preservation Company has produced a range of non-standardized reports for different uses including streetscape assessment reports, sidewalk studies, and visual analysis studies.

Kensington Book

The Townwide Area Form that Preservation Company prepared for our "home town" of Kensington, New Hampshire, was published in book format in 1997.  A pdf version is available here and consists of narrative, photographs and map.

Memorial Square Visual AnalysisMemorial_Square.jpg

Preservation Company was actively involved in the study and documentation ofMemorialBridgeon US Route 1 betweenPortsmouth,NHandKittery,Maine, prior to the decision to remove the bridge rather than rehabilitate.  At thePortsmouthend of the bridge, Memorial Park was designed as part of the original approach and built by the City in 1922-23 concurrent with construction of the bridge.  In order to assess the impact of future work on the bridge approach and park area, a visual study was completed in 2004.  The report discussed the context of the area and described the evolution of the “square” between the ends of State and Daniel streets, along with historic maps and photographs.  

Dublin OvalDublin_Oval.jpg

The project was undertaken in connection with traffic calming efforts along NH Route 101 in the center of Dublin.  Engineers prepared a new alignment plan in order to direct drivers' attention towards the presence of a village center and restored the Dublin Oval to its original size. Preservation Company prepared a brief report on the historical size and appearance (and subsequent alterations) of the Village Oval, first created in the early 1900s as part of the original effort for "Improving the Village Square."


Court Street (Roger’s Street sidewalk)Court_St_sidewalks.jpg

The research for this project involved extremely detailed examination of historic maps and a compilation of historic photographs Strawbery Banke and the Portsmouth Athenaeum to create a matrix to allow the determination of historic sensitivity associated with each property. This project was very closely coordinated with the historic archeologist. Investigation also included establishing a history of lighting, sewer and water, and sidewalk improvements on the street.