Preservation/Rehabilitation Consulting and Building Analysis

In terms of individual resources, Preservation Company has a wealth of experience in working with, and understanding the fabric of, historic buildings. Our work occurs in many different settings and situations: in the preparation of historic structure reports to permit funding for preservation (for instance by LCHIP), in the preparation of NPS forms to enable developers/owners to receive tax credits under the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program, and in simply providing advice to individual homeowners who want to insure that the historic character of their property will be retained and preserved.

Following the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interiors Guidelines and Standards for Preservation and Rehabilitation, Preservation Company first works to identify the character-defining features of a historic resource and document their condition. Preservation Company, working with preservation architects and engineers, will also make recommendations which will maximize the retention of distinctive materials, features, spaces, and spatial relationships given the building’s proposed program. As called for in the guidelines, each property is recognized as a physical record of its time, place, and use.