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Preservation Company works with owners of historic structures in a number of ways. Oftentimes our work starts off with the preparation of a historic structures report, which provides a comprehensive guide to the historic building fabric of a particular resource. Although HSR’s vary depending on the resource and the use/audience for the document, they typically include a history of the resource, an analysis of its character-defining features and their condition and treatment suggestions.

  • Jones Farm, New Hampshire Farm Museum, Milton, NH [2012]
  • Memorial Bridge, Portsmouth, NH [2004-9] Memorial Bridge HSR
  • The Kennison Tavern, Stratham, NH[2010]
  • Railroad Station Complex, Windham Junction, Windham, NH [2009]
  • Old Portsmouth Public Library (Academy Building and Morton-Benedict House), Portsmouth NH [2007-2008] Portsmouth Library HSR
  • The Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH [2006]
  • Capron Shoe Shop, Troy, NH [2005]
  • Raynes Barn, Exeter, NH [2005]
  • B&M Railroad Station Complex, Troy, NH [2002]
  • Railroad Depot, East Kingston, NH

Many times Preservation Company’s expertise relating to individual historic buildings will take a different form depending on the project and the client. Our work in this vein varies from consultation on historic building materials (and their replacement when necessary), to testimony about historic resources in historic districts.

  • Folsom Apartments/Eventide Rehabilitation Project, Exeter, NH, [2011]
  • Samuel S. Lamprey Barn, Hampton Falls, NH [2010] [Preservation Easement Baseline Documentation]
  • Exeter Congregational Church [2011] [Interior Historic Materials Survey and Rehabilitation ]